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Yarrow Infused Organic Oil

Yarrow Infused Organic Oil

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Yarrow infused oil is derived from yarrow leaves and flowers and is known for its many benefits. It is used in skincare to ease irritations and promote healing. It also aids in digestion, provides pain relief, enhances blood circulation, and acts as an aphrodisiac. 


Reduces Inflammation - yarrow has been used to treat inflammatory disorders for hundreds of years.

Improves Blood Circulation - yarrow oil promotes blood circulation

Varicose Veins - yarrow increases the tone of the walls of veins and is a circulatory stimulant.

Hemorrhoids - yarrow oil has long been known to be beneficial for treating hemorrhoids

Usage the oil is best used sparingly and applied at regular intervals 2 or 3 times per day. 

Vol: 125g

Ingredients: Achillea millefolium Flowers, Organic Olive Oil

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