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Sweet Orange Organic Essential Oil from Greece 15ml

Sweet Orange Organic Essential Oil from Greece 15ml

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Feel warm and happy with our Sweet Orange Essential oil from Greece. This oil has a sweet citrus scent and uplifting aroma that helps to reduce stress and lift your mood, creating a soothing atmosphere for you to relax in. Warm sunshine in a bottle transports you to the serenity of a Greek orange grove on a summer's day. Sweet Orange is an eternally popular oil, with a delightful happy and uplifting fragrance. 

Origin & Production 

The peel of locally grown organic oranges is mechanically cold-pressed at the Vessel Distillery in the village of Thermi in the Northern Greek region of Macedonia. 


Unmistakably orangey, citrusy, zesty, fruity, fresh and sweet, uplifting and refreshing.


  • tonic and cleansing for the skin
  • gives a pleasant fruity fragrance to cosmetic preparations
  • comforting, optimizing
  • balancing the nervous system, relaxing
  • soothing, calming, helps ease anxiety, restlessness
  • promotes a good sleep, including in young children
  • one of the most popular of essential oil

Country of Origin: Greece

Vol: 15ml

Latin nameCitrus x sinensis

Biochemical group: Monoterpene

Main chemical compounds: limonene, β-myrcene, α-pinene, limonene, others

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