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Seven Days Incense Bundle by HEM

Seven Days Incense Bundle by HEM

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Seven days has seven different scents - one for each day of the week:

Sunday: for lemon incense fragrance in the blue package. This incense gives you a moment to reflect on yourself and peace for this day.

Monday: is for the Amber incense smell in the yellow package. This incense gives you spiritual wisdom and courage to fight discrimination for this day.

Tuesday: for Rose incense fragrance in the pink packaging. This incense gives you the power of love, energy and is good at heart affairs for this day.

Wednesday: for Jasmine incense fragrance in the white package. This incense gives you love for this day and the capacity to receive this love without conditions.

Thursday: for incense smell Sandelwood in the green packaging. This incense gives you a cleansing of your energy for this day so that everything will look positive again.

Friday: for Mandarin incense scent in the dark green / orange packaging. This incense offers opportunities for things to do for this day, it also gives this day something mysterious.

Saturday: for incense smell Galipan in the violet-colored packaging. This incense gives for the promotion of spiritual knowledge through meditation for this day.

Made In India

Each box contains 35 sticks of incense
Packaging is recyclable
Use with an incense holder for best results
Approx burn time: 30 minutes

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