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Seven Angels Incense by HEM

Seven Angels Incense by HEM

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This lovely collection includes a unique incense for each of the seven angels

Archangel Michael:
Michaël puts you in your body and strengthens your decisiveness. He heals by helping to release physical blockages and free you from negative energies. He is a warrior for and the protector of the weak in society. Releasing fear and supporting "light workers" in this world for those who give healing.

Archangel Jofiel:
Jofiel stands for the beauty of God and helps with getting inspiration, especially for artists and people who create beautiful and pure things. But he also helps us, in busy times, to see the beauty around us again.

Archangel Chamuel:
Chamuel protects our personal world and helps us when we have questions about important areas of life such as love, relationships, friendships, careers and the purpose of our lives. We can appeal to Chamuel if we want to work on ourselves to become stronger in life so that you can enter into a loving relationship with yourself and with others

Archangel Gabriel:
Gabriel helps you organize your life and brings order to your feelings. He helps you improve relationships and be successful. He strengthens the harmony in families. He makes life lighter, softer and wiser. And it protects your inner child.

Archangel Rafael:
Rafaël helps you develop your emotions and love others. He teaches you life from your heart. Rafaël offers comfort (also in the absence of mother love) and helps with emotional confusion. He heals broken hearts and gives a heart a second life. Raphael can also guide and guide you in your spiritual journey within yourself; your search for "growth" and "truth".

Archangel Uriel:
Uriel helps you to build your own life. He helps you to develop a steadfast will and to become yourself. Uriel helps to set priorities and make the right decisions. Uriël helps shape the future in large quantities.

Archangel Zadquiel:
Zadquiel helps you to have compassion for yourself and for others, so that you can release feelings of hatred and condemnation. He helps us to see the divine light in others and yourself. letting go of the ego and letting go of old pains and sorrows. He lets you feel that there is more between heaven and earth. Zadquiel helps you to silence your thoughts and to experience wisdom in your consciousness. He brings you to knowing above thinking and in contact with your higher self and the highest values ​​in human existence.

Made In India

Each box contains 35 sticks of incense
Packaging is recyclable
Use with an incense holder for best results
Approx burn time: 30 minutes

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