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Selenite Sphere

Selenite Sphere

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Unlock spiritual enlightenment and clarity of mind with this beautiful Selenite Sphere, this magical stone almost looks like the moon itself. Embodying tranquility and blessings, it promotes communication with the angelic realm and removes energy blockages. Use in meditation to open the crown chakra, purify the mind, and create a peaceful atmosphere in your home.

Each sphere is expertly handcrafted and polished, due to the soft and delicate nature of selenite and it's irregular grain structure, machine shaping and polishing is not possible, ensuring each sphere is truly one-of-a-kind. Enjoy the attention to detail and exceptional polish of these spheres.

Each sphere is approximately 5cm/2 inches in diameter

Country of origin: Morocco

The price is for one Sphere. The images are representative photos of a few pieces from our collection. Please expect some variation in color, shape, and other natural characteristics

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