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Sandalwood Essential Oil from Australia 5ml

Sandalwood Essential Oil from Australia 5ml

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Experience the premium fragrance of our finest sandalwood essential oil from Australia. Blending a sweet, woody aroma with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, this oil can be used to bring balance to mind and body. From calming anxiety to helping with skin issues and reducing age-related signs of aging, precious sandalwood is a pure and luxurious essential oil with truly wonderful benefits for body and mind.

Origin & Production

This oil is steam distilled from the wood chippings from sustainably wild harvested sandalwood trees. 

This oil is now of great interest as the ecological situation of its cousins – Santalum album and Santalum austrocaledonicum – is problematic.


Precious sandalwood offers a unique blend of balsamic, woody, and amber notes softened by a subtle creamy and oriental aroma. Its fragrance is not strong, but persistent, perfect for enhancing your home or treatment space with its rich scent.


  • revitalising, skin toning and regenerating
  • purifying, helps even skin with imperfections
  • decongestant, draining, helps with circulatory disorders
  • facilitates articular and venous comfort
  • deeply grounding, spirituality elevating
  • harmonizing, gives inner peace
  • helps in case of low self esteem, mood swings
  • is considered an aphrodisiac, facilitates libido
  • promotes recollection and spiritual elevation

Country of origin: Australia

Latin Name: Santalum spicatum syn. Santalum cygnorumsyn. Fusanusspicatussyn. Eucarya spicata

Biochemical group:  sesquiterpenol

Main chemical constituents: (Z)-alpha-santalol, (Z)-nuciferol, alpha-bisabolol, (Z)-beta-santalol, (E,E)-farnesol, (E)-beta-santalol, (Z)-lancelol, others

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