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Rose Organic Floral Water from Greece

Rose Organic Floral Water from Greece

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This exquisite Rose Floral Water from Greece is made from organically grown rose petals that will instantly refresh your spirit and senses. Known to make the skin look and feel smooth and hydrated, it's the perfect addition to your beauty routine, and can be used everyday as both a mild cleanser and a toner.

Rose Floral Water has long been recognised for its beneficial effects on the skin. It helps soothe and calm reddened and inflamed skin, maintains pH balance, stimulates skin regeneration, and calms conditions like acne and sunburns. Its fragrance has a wonderful calming effect, making it a popular choice for aromatherapy and wellness practices, supporting both physical and emotional well-being.

Origin & Production

This delicate Floral Water is handmade from Damascus Roses organically grown in the Chalkidiki region of Northern Greece, close to the Vessel Essential Oil distillery. 


The elegant and soothing scent of this organic Floral Water is reminiscent of the rose petals from which it is distilled. The aroma is distinctly floral, and is often described as a gentle and refreshing tonic.


Once opened please store your Rose Floral Water in the refrigerator

Vol: 125gr

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