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Patchouli Organic Essential Oil from Indonesia 15ml

Patchouli Organic Essential Oil from Indonesia 15ml

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Experience the exclusive aroma of our Patchouli Organic Essential Oil from Indonesia. With it's powerfully woody and rich earthy scent, this oil contains a series of active principles with excellent anti-inflammatory, decongestant, and skin regenerative properties. Embodying sophisticated eastern luxury, this highly prized oil is sure to add charismatic character to your surroundings.

Origin & Production

Hand harvested leaves, organically grown in Indonesa, are dried and slightly fermented, to concentrate the active principles, and then steam distilled to produce this wonderfully aromatic essential oil.


An earthy, musky, herbaceous base note gives way to a sweet and spicy top note. Patchouli has an exquisite, complex aroma that only improves with time. Unlike many essential oils, Patchouli's aroma matures with age, like fine wine.


  • skin regenerator, promotes tissue renewal
  • wound healing, stimulates skin cell renewal
  • helps to regulate oily skin and acne prone skin
  • traditionally used to improve eczema, psoriasis and dandruff
  • venous tonic and decongestant, promotes peripheral circulation
  • aphrodisiac, nerve tonic and stimulant
  • mildly anti-infectious and antiseptic

Country of origin: Indonesia

Vol: 15ml

Latin name: Pogostemon cablin

Biochemical class: sesquiterpene

Main chemical constituents: patchouli alcohol (patchoulol), α-bulnesene, α-guaiene, α-patchoulene, α-seyshelleneβ-caryophyllene, aciphyllene, β-patchoulene, others

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