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Palo Santo Essential Oil from Ecuador 15ml

Palo Santo Essential Oil from Ecuador 15ml

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Unlock the spiritual benefits of Palo Santo essential oil from Ecuador. Purifying Palo Santo promotes a sense of physical well-being and brings a calming touch to any space. Its strong, sweet aroma is truly soothing to headache, stress, colds, and flu. Central to many Shamanic Rituals, Palo Santo has been considered sacred by indigenous people for centuries. 

Origin & Production

This essential oil is steam distilled from sustainably harvested wood in Ecuador. This holy wood is harvested only after the Palo Santo tree has died and is left to mature for several years to give a more concentrated, high resin content. 

Translated from Spanish, Palo Santo means “holy tree”. The tree belongs to the same plant family as Frankincense and Myrrh.


Palo Santo Essential Oil is a true aromatic treasure. The scent is unique and complex, being woodsy but sweet, slightly fruity, and also a little bit citrusy with notes of balsamic.


  • purifying palo santo clears negative energy and restores spiritual balance
  • helps release sensations of tenseness and tightness that come with feelings of anxiety.
  • a natural powerful insect repellent
  • calming and relaxing, harmonizing
  • helps balance the nervous system
  • soothing for headaches, irritability, exhaustion
  • supports sleep and provides serenity

Country of Origin: Ecuador

Vol: 15ml

Latin name: Bursera graveolens

Biochemical group: monoterpenes

Main chemical constituents: Limonene, alpha terpineol, carvone

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