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Nettle Infused Organic Oil

Nettle Infused Organic Oil

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Nettle infused oil by Vessel, is made by infusing organically grown nettle leaves into Greek extra-virgin olive oil. Nettle infused oil is known for its many benefits. It is used in skincare to ease irritations and promote healing. It’s also beneficial for hair care, combating hair loss and scalp irritations, and enhances blood circulation. 


Skin and Hair Care - nettle oil eases skin irritations or supports combatting baldness. It is beneficial for repairing damaged skin, making this infused oil useful for wounds, scars, dry skin, daily skincare, and eczema. Nettle oil massaged into the scalp has been shown to combat hair loss effectively.

Wound Healing - nettle oil has been used for wound healing, including ulcers and sores. A study found that nettle oil had significantly higher wound healing and antibacterial activity compared to other treatments.

Pain Relief - nettle oil has traditionally been used for anti-inflammation and pain relief for conditions like arthritis.

Promoting Blood Circulation - this oil powerfully enhances blood circulation, which is essential for hair roots to get a sufficient supply of nutrients.

Relieving Scalp Irritation - nettle oil eases skin irritation on the scalp, including cradle cap. Olive oil is also widely recognised as being beneficial for cradle cap.

Usage the oil is best used sparingly and applied at regular intervals 2 or 3 times per day. 

Vol: 125g

Ingredients: Urtica Dioica leaves and stalks, Organic Olive Oil

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