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Nature's Lavender Incense by Goloka

Nature's Lavender Incense by Goloka

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Unwind and soothe your mind and body with Nature's Lavender Incense by Goloka. The refreshing scent of lavender works to restore and calm emotions, while also attracting love and balance. Its herbaceous and floral aroma relaxes and provides a restful night's sleep. Experience inner peace and clear the air with this powerful incense.

These beautiful hand rolled sticks are made in India using very high quality ingredients. To improve any environment with the amazing aromas that these sticks provide, just light the end of the Goloka incense stick. 

Once the end glows, blow out the flame and place in an incense holders. Never leave burning incense unattended.

Each pack has approximately 12 sticks and weights 15g.

Made In India
Each pack contains: 15g incense sticks
Packaging is recyclable
Use with an incense holder for best results
Approx burn time: 30 minutes

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