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Moments of Solace Daily Guidance Oracle Cards

Moments of Solace Daily Guidance Oracle Cards

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Oracle cards have been used for centuries to seek wisdom about questions relating to mind, body and soul. The intention of this deck of cards is to provide you with comfort in times of uncertainty and to be a supportive part of your daily self care.

Taking a moment for yourself is an opportunity for self care and self reflection. Every card you draw out of this deck comes to you for a reason. The message that you read on each card, along with the additional guidance in this booklet, will give you daily clarity and support.

The deck includes 40 cards with 7 sections. Each Section correlates to one of your seven main Chakra’s. Connected to each Chakra is a healing crystal and colour. The crystal and the colour hold associated chakra properties and can be worn to enhance the message of the card.

Solace Oracle Cards were created by Joyce O'Sullivan of Solace Holistic Centre in Clonakilty, Ireland.

Read here what Joyce says about these beautiful cards.

I've always been really passionate about self care and self reflection. I feel it has become increasingly more important and needs prioritising in a persons daily life. Time has speeded up over the years as the world has become more fast paced and we may not realise it but we still have our own innate wisdom within. This wisdom can be clouded by the busyness of life, and seeking the answers outside rather than trusting within.

As a result of multiple discussions around self care and self reflection with clients, I had a strong sense that there was more I could do to support their self care at home and so Moments of Solace Daily Guidance Oracle cards came to life.  Inspired by the word Solace, I recognise that we all need Solace at times even if life is going well. Solace means to provide "comfort or consolation in a time of stress". In Solace Holistic Centre through Massage therapy and Reflexology we aim to support you through your healing process. I know the Solace Oracles cards will provide support for you at home through your life journey.

When I was creating them I decided to break the word ' Solace' into 6 sections. These sections are Support, Observe, Listen, Accept, Change and Express. I also included a seventh section called Moments.  Why seven sections? Each of the 7 sections "Solace Moments" matches up to one of your seven main Chakra’s. I have also connected to each Chakra, a healing crystal and colour for you to observe as an optional extra. Details can be found in the guidebook provided with the cards.
How to use Oracle cards:
If you are new to using oracle cards, the first step is to sit holding the deck, and when you feel ready, start shuffling them. Continue to shuffle until you feel like stopping.  As you shuffle feel free to ask the deck “What do I need to know to support my self care today?”. Then with the deck face down pull a card from the top of the deck. The card picked will resonate with you and encourage you to look at an aspect of your life that needs attention in that moment.
Presented in a beautiful box the 40 cards, and guidebook have been designed with you in mind. To support you through your daily self care journey. Solace Oracle Cards will provide you with an opportunity to enhance your self care and to self reflect and observe where you are in that moment. Allowing acceptance of what the heart has to say. Supporting you through lessons learnt, and encouraging change and expression.

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