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Lemon Organic Essential Oil from Greece 15ml

Lemon Organic Essential Oil from Greece 15ml

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Lift your mood and invigorate your senses with this organic Lemon Essential Oil from Greece. It's energising and fresh aroma will help brighten your day, leaving you feeling zesty and revitalised. 

Origin & Production 

The peel of locally grown organic lemons is mechanically cold-pressed at the Vessel Distillery in the village of Thermi in the Northern Greek region of Macedonia. 


Lemon has a unique incredibly fresh uplifting aroma that is slightly sweet and simply intensely lemony.


  • skin tonic, helps fight the signs of skin aging
  • helps with brittle and soft nails, seborrhea, skin redness
  • good ally for oily skin and hair, dull hair, dandruff
  • peripheral circulation stimulator
  • lipolytic, draining, anti-cellulite
  • general antiseptic, purifying
  • rich in antibacterial compounds
  • eliminates unpleasant odours
  • helps relieving nausea and motion sickness
  • freshens the air in rooms
  • general tonic, invigorating, energizing
  • improves general mood

Country of Origin: Greece

Vol: 15ml

Latin name: Citrus x limon

Biochemical group: monoterpenes

Main chemical constituents: (+)-limonene, beta-pinene, gamma-terpinene

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