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Himalayan Cedarwood Organic Essential Oil from India 15ml

Himalayan Cedarwood Organic Essential Oil from India 15ml

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Experience the strength and grounding power of Himalayan Cedarwood with this premium Organic Essential Oil from India. It's woody scent is soothing and calming, helping to restore emotional balance while cleansing the environment. Emotionally, it is considered strengthening and comforting. Ideal for the winter months, it can help to maintain a healthy respiratory system and relieve congestion. Enjoy this oil to help ease coughing and colds, while bringing a sense of harmony and abundance.

Origin & Production

This oil is steam distilled from the wood chippings from commercial cedarwood production.  

Himalayan cedarwood has become popular in aromatherapy as an ethical and sustainable replacement to the Atlas cedarwood, which is now listed as an endangered species.


Its scent invokes the amazing cedar forests, and is rich, complex and distinct. The aroma is rich but delicate, being sweet, woody, and balsamic, with a hint of camphor.


  • regenerative and restorative for body and mind
  • facilitates healthy hair and scalp, helping to fight dandruff and oily hair
  • decongestant for the respiratory tract
  • helps to relieve the symptoms of colds
  • emotionally grounding and strengthening
  • relieves nervous tension and anxiety

Country of Origin: India

Vol: 15ml

Latin name: Cedrus Deodara

Main chemical constituents: Alpha- and beta-himachalene, alpha-, beta- and gamma-atlantone, himachalol, alpha- and beta – turmerone, others

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