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Golden Nag Darshan Incense Cones by Vijayshree

Golden Nag Darshan Incense Cones by Vijayshree

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Golden Nag Darshan Incense is one of the best incenses to support spiritual contemplation.

Darshan is derived from the Sanskrit word Darsana meaning "vision" or "appearance". In Hindu tradition, Darshan refers to the contemplation of a holy person, sacred object, natural phenomenon or divinity, especially in the form of image. Darshan is considered a powerful form of worship and process of spiritual fulfillment.

Darshan can occur in the house, for example, in front of an altar with the image of a deity. It can also occur in a place of worship or in an environment viewed during meditation. Darshan is often granted by a guru to his follower or a blessing coming directly from the Universe. Darshan is actually the blessing bestowed by something or someone with spiritual evolution of union with the whole.

Darshan incense is based based on sandalwood blended with camphor, plumeria, gaiak wood, palmarosa, clove and vetiver.

Golden Nag incense is handmade by Vijayshree in Bangalore, India. This 100% natural Indian Incense is traditionally made using the finest herbs, floral extracts, spices, gums, barks and essence oils. Golden Nag Masala Incense is notable for it's rich and lasting natural aroma.

To improve any environment with the amazing aromas that these cones provide, just light the top of the cone. 

Once the end glows, blow out the flame and place in a dhoop cone holder, or on a small plate.

Each pack has approximately 10 cones

Made In India
Each pack contains:  10 dhoop Cones
Packaging is recyclable
Approx burn time: 30 minutes

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