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Flying Wild

Flow Massage Oil Natural 1L

Flow Massage Oil Natural 1L

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Flow Massage Oil has been developed and tested in collaboration with practising Irish Massage Therapists.

This pure oil does not contain essential oils and is suitable for use with every client.

Flow Massage Oil by Flying Wild is a carefully balanced medium for your massage treatments designed to give you the perfect balance of glide, control, and slip.

Hand-Blended in Ireland using certified organic ingredients, Flow is suitable for all skin-types and has been formulated to be a highly cost-effective and long-lasting medium for your massage treatments - only a small amount is needed for a treatment.

Flow will leave your client's skin feeling intensely nourished and silken smooth at the end of your massage treatment. The finish is non-greasy, so you can be sure your clients will leave happy that their clothes are not sticking to their skin.

Flow will easily wash out of your treatment towels, so your towels will last longer.

We have packaged Flow Massage Oils in Tin-Ware that is made in the UK. Tin-Ware metal packaging is endlessly recyclable. By choosing Flow you will reduce the amount of plastic your business uses.

One Order, One Tree - Flying Wild plants a tree with every order you place.

Ingredients: Coconut Seed Oil Fractionated, Sunflower Seed Oil, Safflower Seed Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Golden Jojoba Oil.

Volume: 1 Litre

Packaging: Tin-Ware Bottle 100% recyclable made in the UK

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