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Citronella Essential Oil from Indonesia 15ml

Citronella Essential Oil from Indonesia 15ml

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Experience the uplifting aroma of our Citronella essential oil from Indonesia, renowned for its lemony fragrance and purifying effects. Also known as the Java type of citronella, this superior oil offers a range of benefits, including antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and air-refreshing properties. 

Fresh and energizing, our Indonesian Citronella essential oil helps to restore balance and clarity, relieving the effects of colds, flu, and minor infections. With deodorizing properties, it also helps to combat excessive perspiration and rebalance oily skin. 

Origin & Production

The oil is steam distilled in Indonesia from dried Cymbopogon grass. Steam distillation of the fresh grass uses large amounts of energy and yields a lower quality oil, so dried grass is the prefered method.

The high quality of Java type Citronella from Indonesia is regulated by the Indonesian authorities, which requires a citronellal minimum of 35% and a total geraniol minimum of 85%.


Java type Citronella offers a complex and invigorating scent, boasting a strong lemony, fresh, sweet, and slightly floral aroma with a green undertone.


  • rich in anti-inflammatory and antifungal compounds
  • deodorant, helps with excessive sweating
  • aerial antiseptic, purifies the the rooms
  • soothe insect bites
  • repellent, deters mosquitos and other insects
  • helps alleviate muscular and joint aches
  • assists in case of infectious skin conditions
  • helpful with fevers, heat rash
  • helps fight fatigue

Country of Origin: Greece

Vol: 15ml

Latin Name: Cymbopogon nardus

Main chemical constituents: citronellal, geraniol, citronellol, geranyl acetate


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