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Chamomile Incense Sticks by HEM

Chamomile Incense Sticks by HEM

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Chamomile leads to calm with an enchanting scent. Calmness, harmony and relaxation are the central themes of the herbaceous fragrance of this delightful incense. In popular belief, chamomile is considered a companion of communication and helps to say things clearly.  Chamomile is often used in meditation to get in touch with divine energies and to be able to recognize one's own truth more clearly.

HEM’s incense products come from Bangalore in India. The incense cones are of excellent quality and available in many aromas, especially in wonderful floral and herbal scents.

These beautiful incense sticks are made in India using very high quality ingredients. To improve any environment with the amazing aromas that these sticks provide, just light the top of the stick. 

Once the end glows, blow out the flame and place in a holder.

Each pack has approximately 20 sticks

Made In India
Each pack contains:  20 incense sticks
Packaging is recyclable
Approx burn time: 30 minutes

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