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8 Piece Basalt Toe Stone Set for Reflexology & Massage

8 Piece Basalt Toe Stone Set for Reflexology & Massage

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This specialized 8-piece set provides a multitude of benefits for the feet, including relaxation, improved balance and circulation, better posture, and overall foot health. The design ensures secure placement of the stones, making them perfect for both reflexology and massage. These versatile stones can also be used for delicate facial massages, expanding their range of uses. Our 100% natural smooth polished basalt rocks, are hand-shaped and are free from any wax, dye, and chemicals.

Some of the health benefits of including toe stones in your treatments include:

  • Promote blood circulation
  • Relieve Fatigue
  • Relax feet joints and muscles
  • Activate collateral circulation

The basalt stone material is quick to heat and slow to release heat. 

Please Note: The skin between toes is more sensitive than other parts of the body, we recommend heating the toe stones to a lower heat (30 degrees Celcius) in comparison to regular hot stones which can be heated from 55-60 degrees Celcius).

The Stones are presented in a natural unbleached cotton bag for storage and easy transport. Each set includes 8 stones.

Stone Dimensions: 4cm long x 3cm wide x 0.5cm thick. As this is natural handmade product dimensions may vary slightly. 

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