Why Flying Wild for Reflexology

Why Choose Flying Wild Organic Reflexology Balm

As a reflexologist you have a broad range of brands and mediums choose from. These range from oils, cornflour, talcum powder, creams, lotions, waxes, and of course balms!

Using a Flying Wild balm as the medium in your reflexology treatments gives some significant benefits.

Reflexology specific formulation

Flying Wild reflexology balms have been specifically formulated for use in reflexology. They have been developed and tested with a large number of professional therapists to provide the perfect balance of grip, control, and slip required in a reflexology medium.

Zero Residue

When you use Flying Wild reflexology balm in your treatments your client’s skin will absorb the majority of the balm by the end of a treatment - unlike oils and lotions.

Protect Your Valuable Hands

Powder based mediums such as cornflour and talcum powder are abrasive to your skin and will limit the number of treatments you can provide without damaging the skin on your hands. Flying Wild reflexology balms will actually moisturise, nourish and improve the skin on your hands as you carry out your treatments.

Improve your Client’s Skin

Flying Wild balms are formulated to care for your client’s skin. Our unique blend of organic ingredients including grapeseed, avocado, hempseed oils as well as beeswax, shea butter, cocoa butter and calendula oil, make Flying Wild reflexology balms a fantastic skincare product in their own right. Many therapists have reported significant improvements in the condition of their client’s skin after treatment.

Cost Effective

Flying Wild balms are made to be slowly absorbed by the skin during a treatment. A little goes a very long way, making Flying Wild balms a highly cost-effective medium for your treatments. Flying Wild balms are made using certified organic ingredients but are lower in price than other non-organic brands.

Certified Organic Ingredients

Flying Wild balms are made using certified organic unrefined ingredients, they are free from any chemicals or preservatives. Organic unrefined ingredients carry the true essence of the plants from which they are derived. As such, they are the most natural and beneficial for use in the holistic therapies you provide. Organic unrefined ingredients are without the chemical alteration, chemical processing residues, pesticide residues, and artificial additives seen in most non-organic refined products.

Support your reflexology community

When you use Flying Wild reflexology balms you are buying balm from a rural business that gives back to the reflexology community. Through the Education Program, Flying Wild provides free organic reflexology balms to hundreds of reflexology students in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, and of course Ireland, each year. 


Flying Wild reflexology balms are handmade by me. Each Flying Wild balm you use is made with love and care, to share with you, and your clients, the best healing balms that I can make.

Support a small business

When you use Flying Wild reflexology balm you are supporting a small rural family business – a business like your own.

Thank you for choosing Flying Wild!