Why are Flying Wild Reflexology Creams made with Organic Hydrosols?



When I began work on formulating the new range of Flying Wild Reflexology Creams, I knew these creams should be made with Organic Hydrosols. Let me explain why, by answering some simple questions.


What are creams made of?

At a basic level, a cream (or lotion) is mixture of water and lipids(fats) held together by an emulsifier. In their formulation creams typically contain more than 50% water (the thinner the cream the more water it contains). Many creams are extensively advertised as containing a "miracle" ingredient which promises to work wonders for the skin. 


Water, which is the main ingredient, is never talked about. Why is this? The simple reason is profit. When you buy a pot of expensive skincare cream, more than half of that cream will consist of water - an almost zero-cost ingredient for the producer, with almost zero benefits for the skin. 


However, not all waters are created equal. There are plant derived waters, you may know them as Floral Waters, and it these waters that are called Hydrosols.


What are Hydrosols?

In aromatherapy hydrosols are also known as floral waters, hydrolats, or plant waters. A well-known example of this is Rose Water, which has been used in skincare and traditional medicine for millenia. 


Hydrosols are usually produced through a process of steam distillation, as part of the process of distilling essential oils. In this distilliation process, steam is sent through the plant material (eg lavender flowers) which has been harvested. The steam captures the essential oil molecules and is then cooled back into water. The essential oil will float to the top of this water, to be siphoned off and bottled - leaving the water. 


This water is the Hydrosol, a unique natural liquid that is infused with all the beneficial healing properties of the water-soluble and essential oil molecules that flow through the plant. It is the very life fluid that was flowing through the plant when it was collected. The hydrosol contains the pure plant in every drop. In some ways a hydrosol may be compared to a tea - by steeping a plant in hot water, the water is infused with the properties of that plant.


Why use Hydrosols?

Each Flying Wild cream is made only with a pure organic hydrosol. This infuses each cream with the beneficial healing properties of the plant. This means each cream has been specially formulated to work with you in your treatments, and help you achieve your treatment outcomes. 


Making the creams with these wonderful healing plant waters is part of my philosophy of formulation. Flying Wild products are formulated to be the perfect natural medium for your reflexology and massage treatments, and to also provide the optimum natural benefits for your client's skincare and wellness. They form a perfect holistic treatment medium for your clients, and for you.


These creams have been developed through a wonderful collaboration with internationally renowned reflexologist Hagar Basis, of Hagar Basis Reflexology.


I hope you will love them! 


Creams from Bee to You,