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Uplifting Essential Oil Bundle

Uplifting Essential Oil Bundle

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Lift your senses with our mood-boosting bundle of Uplifting Essential Oils. Sometimes we all need a little support to embrace positivity,  lift our mood, and bring a smile to our face. 

Lemongrass - boosts mood and enthousiasm 

Grapefruit - energising, cheering, and uplifting

Ylang Ylang - aphrodisiac that lifts your mood and brings a smile to your face

Sweet Orange - creates positive and happy feelings

How to use

You can use a single oil or create a blend.

Bath - simply add 10-15 or so drops of essential oil to your bathwater. 

Inhaler - simple add a few drops to your inhaler, giving you moments of stress-relief during your busy day.

Diffuser/Essential Oil Burner - add some drops and use as norma in your diffuser or essential oil burner


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