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Stress Essential Oil Bundle

Stress Essential Oil Bundle

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When you're stressed, tense, or under pressure, our Stress Essential Oil Bundle can provide relief and support. The included oils are known to calm the body and mind, and uplift the spirits, offering support during periods of stress.

Lavender - soothes your senses and supports sleep

Bergamot - calms your body and mind 

Sweet Orange - reduces physical tension and lifts the spirit

Frankincense -grounding and reduces nervous tension

How to use

You can use a single oil or create a blend.

Bath - simply add 10-15 or so drops of essential oil to your bathwater. 

Inhaler - simple add a few drops to your inhaler, giving you moments of stress-relief during your busy day.

Diffuser/Essential Oil Burner - add some drops and use as norma in your diffuser or essential oil burner

Stress Essential Oil Blend Using The Included Oils  

Bergamot 7 drops 

Frankincense 3 drops

Sweet Orange 3 drops

Lavender 3 drops

For more information on each of the essential oils included in this bundle please visit the individual product pages


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