Rosemary Incense Blend - flyingwild
Rosemary Incense Blend - flyingwild

Rosemary Incense Blend

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9 incense sticks per box

The woody, evergreen scent of Rosemary can promote relaxation and boost alertness as well as brain function, thereby improving memory. To relieve stress while maintain concentration.

Rosemary is a fragrant herb that is native to the Mediterranean and receives its name from the Latin words “ros” (dew) and “marinus” (sea), which means “dew of the Sea.”

Rosemary was considered sacred by ancient Greeks, Egyptians and it was used for numerous purposes. The Greeks wore Rosemary garlands around their heads, as it was believed to improve memory, and both the Greeks and the Romans used Rosemary in almost all festivals and religious ceremonies, including weddings, as a reminder of life and death.

Fenix Incense is handmade in Dublin using only natural, sustainably and ethically scourced ingredients.

Burn on safe heat resistant surface. 40 min per stick.