100% Organic Cold-Pressed Evening Primrose Oil - flyingwild
100% Organic Cold-Pressed Evening Primrose Oil - flyingwild

100% Organic Cold-Pressed Evening Primrose Oil

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Nourishing and conditioning evening primrose is also known as Evening Star and Beauty of the Night. Evening primrose oil is one of the rare oils rich in gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), an essential fatty acid also known as Omega-6. The oil can contain up to 15% gamma-linolenic acid and 70% linolenic acid, which the body turns into GLA. Oils high in GLA act as a shorthand step, providing the benefits of this essential compound directly to the skin, without the need for conversion from linolenic acid. The beneficial compounds in the oil reduces redness and blemishes, and boosts circulation, making it beneficial for aging and tired skin. Tannins in the oil provide astringent properties while keeping the oil feeling light on the skin and preventing the clogging of pores. The oil improves skin hydration by reducing trans-dermal water loss. improves skin smoothness and increases the lipid content of the skin.

This unrefined oil is extracted through a cold pressing of the seeds that preserves the integrity of the fatty acids, vitamins, polyphenols and catechins present in the oil.

Traditionally the oil has been used to treat nappy rash and psoriasis, skin eruptions, aging skin and general skin dryness.

In facial massage the oil has a medium absorption rate making it an excellent choice for facial treatments. The oil absorbs completely without leaving any feeling of greasiness and giving silken smooth finish to the skin.

Directions for use: Apply once a day to a warm damp face. If irritation occurs, cease use and consult a physician. Use only as directed on unbroken skin. Patch testing prior to use is advised.

Ingredients: Oenothers Biennis

Volume: 50ml

Packaging: Packed in recyclable UV-protective glass with a convenient dispensing pipette

Storage: store in a cool dark place. When not in use store in a refrigerator to extend shelf life.

Shipping: Due to restrictions on international shipping of liquids this product can only be delivered to the UK and EU

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