Eco-Pot Compostable Packaging

Flying Wild Eco-Pot packaging is a new environmentally friendly compostable packaging option for my handmade organic Reflexology and Massage Balms. By choosing to use Flying Wild balms in the new Eco-Pots you are contributing to reduce the use of plastics. The pots are available in a 250ml size.

The Kraft paper pots are made from made from unbleached FSC® paper. To make the Kraft paper moisture and grease proof a PLA coating is added. PLA is a plant-based biological coating derived from starch that is fully biodegradable

When empty the pot can be recycled with your cardboard waste, or industrially composted with your green waste. It will biodegrade over a longer period of time if left to its own devices in a composting bin or heap.

There are some things to note:

- A darker waxy line will appear on the seam – this is normal.

- Occasionally there will be a darker waxy spot when your tub arrives – this is normal and won’t feel greasy.

- Over a period of months the balm will very slowly penetrate the sides. It is very slight, not greasy and is normal. Once the tub is close to its Best Before Date (1 year), the tub will be a bit darker because of this, but still not greasy. The product will still be fine.

- The labels are not yet compostable (I am working on this). Please remove the labels before placing the pot in the compost bin. Labels can be placed in the recycle bin.

with Flying Wild Eco-Pots you get the same great quality balms for reflexology and massage - but in a container that is kind to our environment.

From Bee to You