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Hi, I am Arno the founder of Flying Wild. Ten years ago I decided to give up my career in publishing and move back to Terryglass, Co. Tipperary, the village where I was raised. I was seeking a simpler life, a life lived outdoors. 

As a hobby I began to keep bees. From very modest beginnings I slowly nurtured ever more beehives to grow and prosper. I shared the goodness of my hives with my friends and neighbours - raw honey, beeswax candles, balms.

My passion for beekeeping has grown into a small rural business producing handcrafted organic holistic therapy products.

From bees, to honey, to beeswax candles, to award winning skin care, to making massage and therapy balms - using the most beautiful organic plant oils, waxes and butters. Every day I learn, encounter wonderful people, and have the pleasure of working with my hands to create holistic therapy products that therapists, and their clients, love.




The philosophy behind Flying Wild holistic therapy products stems from my experience as a beekeeper. Life in a beehive centres around bees working in shared harmony, but it is always dependent on the life of one bee - the queen. The life of every bee and the unity of the hive flows from the mother queen bee, yet without the hive the queen is unable to sustain herself. Flying Wild balms are created in the knowledge that no single ingredient makes the perfect medium – this can only be achieved with organic unrefined butters and oils working in a healing harmony. Only through a deep understanding of the individual carrier oils and butters, and how they complement each other, can this be created.  As a beekeeper I have first-hand experience of the ravages of agri-chemicals, and I am passionate about the use of organic unrefined ingredients in Flying Wild products and in holistic therapies.

Balms from Bee to you!