Why are Flying Wild products made with certified organic ingredients?

In making Flying Wild products for reflexology, massage and skincare, I am passionate about working holistically with organic ingredients. But why do I this?

Using the example of grapeseed oil, commonly used in massage and skincare products, I would like to illustrate this to you. Grapeseed oil is an important ingredient in Flying Wild reflexology balms, and an ingredient I really love to work with.

In the image above you see two oils. Both oils are called vitis vinifera seed oil, as both are derived from the seeds of grapes. On any skincare or massage ingredient listing these two oils can be called the same thing and are treated as the same.

But as you can see these oils are clearly very different from each other. The clear oil on the left is a non-organic refined grapeseed oil, the golden coloured oil on the right is a certified organic unrefined grapeseed oil.

So how are these oils different from each other? Take a look at the little table I have created above, illustrating these key differences.

Non-Organic Grapeseed oil

Certified Organic Grapeseed oil


Grown with heavy use of pesticides, fungicides and herbicides causing severe worker health and environmental impacts. Agri-chemical residues are found in the oil.

Grown without use of agri-chemicals to benefit worker health and the environment. There are no agri-chemical residues found in the oil.


Petro-chemical solvent extraction. Solvent residues remain in the oil. The primary solvent is hexane,  a chemical known to cause number of neurological conditions. This results in a crude oil that is to be refined.

Mechanical pressing where the temperature does not exceed 60c. This results in a crude oil that contains impurities.


High heat and chemicals are used to de-odourise and preserve the oil following which it is de-colourised with bleach. This creates a clear, uniform oil that has no odour.

Impurities are allowed to settle after which the oil is mechanically filtered.

Nutrient Profile

Most beneficial nutrients have been destroyed by extraction and refining with only very low levels remaining.

Rich in Vitamin A and E. High levels of anti-oxidant polyphenols.


Organic Grapeseed Oil has many benefits thanks to its unique fatty acid and nutrient profile, as well as the very high levels of powerfully antioxidant polyphenols. These benefits include:

  • Antioxidant
  • Strengthens connective tissue of the skin and fat chambers
  • Stabilizes collagen and elastin, helping to improve elasticity and youthfulness of the skin.
  • Protects and provides a defense against harsh environmental factors
  • Comprised of deep nourishing benefits enabling quick healing of chapped, dry skin.
  • Emollient properties highly compatible with other ingredients 
  • Non-toxic, with no known irritants

Unfortunately many of these benefits are lost and destroyed through the extraction and refining process used for non-organic oils.

This is why Flying Wild balms are made using only certified organic ingredients. The quality of ingredients really matters in the quality of the balms that I make. It is this ingredient quality that gives Flying Wild balms the many benefits therapists, and their clients, enjoy in their treatments every day.

Balms from bee to you,