What Is The Difference Between Reflexology Creams and Balms?


Since the introduction of the new range of Reflexology Creams, I have been asked quite a few times what the difference is between the Balms and the Creams.

The Reflexology Creams were developed to give greater sensitivity, and enable very fine and small movements, during a treatment. The Reflexology Balms were developed to enable a more flowing movement with a controllable slip, while providing perfect grip when pressure is applied.

The balms offer a much greater level of slip than the creams, they allow for a larger area to be worked in more flowing movements. The slip is controllable, to ensure that there is no unneccessary strain, especially on your thumbs. The low level of slip afforded by the creams enable small and high controllable localised movements. The creams give a very high level of control and enable very fine movements and light pressure.

Both balms and creams offer excellent grip, but they do so in different ways, to support the right level of grip for the technique being applied.

There are also quite a few similarities between the two. The balms and creams are both handmade by me (Arno) using certified organic ingredients. Like all Flying Wild products they have been formulated to give you the perfect medium for your treatments; to reduce strain on your hands and arms, to be long-lasting and cost-effective, and to intensely nourish your client's skin, and your's too!

Both the balms and creams are best used in very small amounts. It is much easier to add a little more medium than to take it away once it has been applied.

Please take a little time to discover the entire range of balms and creams that I make, and discover the perfect medium for your Reflexology Treatments.

Thank you for choosing Flying Wild.

From Bee to You,