Temporary Closure Due to Coronavirus


Three weeks ago I could never have imagined that I would be writing this. 

I have decided to temporarily close Flying Wild to help in our shared fight against the Corona Pandemic. With infrastructure and delivery systems severely under pressure I do not want to be a business that adds further strain by continueing to send parcels, as if this has no impact. Ordering online and having parcels delivered at home involves a significant number of people who will process and handle each parcel until it is finally delivered. With each step, whether it be collection, sorting in depots, truck driving or delivery - there is a risk of the virus being transmitted among the people who are bravely doing their best in very difficult circumstances.

Orders that have been placed have all been sent and are on their way. If you decide to place an order with me then please know that I will only send this order to you after the Irish Government has given approval for non-essential businesses to resume trading. Once this go-ahead has been given Flying Wild will resume trading as normal.

In the coming weeks you can expect to see some exciting new products being launched. I will also continue writing my newsletters to you with information about balms, oils, butters and waxes. For quite sometime I have been writing a book about Carrier Oils for Holistic Therapies and I am very much looking forward to having more time to write.

My absolute priority is caring for my family and doing my very best to make sure we all come through this horrible situation together.

Thank you all for supporting my business and working with Flying Wild products in your treatments. Flying Wild will be back and I look forward to working with you again when this is all behind us.

I hope you, and your loved ones, will be well in this very difficult time.

Stay home and be safe.

With very best wishes,