Flying Wild balms for Maternity Reflexology

When providing your clients with Maternity Reflexology treatments throughout pregnancy, birth, and the postnatal period, you need to be sure that you are using a medium that is safe for your clients. 

Flying Wild makes three balms that are ideal for use for the entire period of a pregnancy, and will give you the perfect balance of grip, control, and slip during your maternity reflexology treatments. These balms are

Pregnancy Blend with Mandarin Essential Oil

Unscented Reflexology Balm

Vegan Unscented Reflexology Balm

Flying Wild balms are made with certified organic ingredients, and are free from the pesticide and chemical residues found in non-organic products. These residues are from agri-chemicals and from the aggressive chemicals (bleach, petroleum ether, methanol, ethanol or hexane) used in the extraction and refining of many non-organic oils.

Why is the pregnancy blend made with mandarin essential oil?
The sweetest of all the citrus oils, mandarin is a bright, cheerful oil that has an uplifting yet relaxing quality and can help your clients feel revived and invigorated. Mandarin Essential Oil is considered safe to use during the entire term of a pregnancy. Mandarin has many properties that are very beneficial for use during a maternity reflexogy treatment. These benefits include:

- calming, sedative, relieves stress, nervous tension, and irritability
- eases digestive conditions, relieves stomachaches and constipation
- improves circulation of blood and lymph and helps remove toxins from the body

What is the concentration of mandarin essential oil used?
Flying Wild pregnancy blend is made with a concentration of 1% mandarin essential. This is below therapeutic levels and is considered a safe level for use by therapists who are not trained in aromatherapy.

What about safety of essential oils during pregnancy?
There are other essential oils considered safe for use during differing stages of a pregnancy. Mandarin is exceptional in that is is generally recognised as safe for the entire period of a pregnancy and has no known contra-indications. That said the use of essential oils during pregnancy is a contentious subject and there are many aromatherapists who would not recommend using any essential oils, particularly during the first trimester. If you do not wish to use essential oils in your maternity treatments during the first trimester, or at any time during a pregnancy, then please use the unscented balm with beeswax or the vegan unscented balm.

What about the other ingredients in the balms?
The organic ingredients in Flying Wild reflexology balms including olive oil, grapeseed oil, avocado oil, hempseed oil, castor oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, shea butter, and vitamin E, have no known contra-indications for use during pregnancy and are recognised as safe.     

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