Reflexology Cream

Flying Wild Reflexology Creams were developed to give you greater sensitivity and control during a treatment. The low level of slip afforded by the creams allow for small, highly controllable, localised movements, enabling working with low pressure - reducing strain on your hands and arms.

Benefits of Flying Wild Reflexology Creams

  • The perfect balance of slip, control, and grip
  • Made using Certified Organic Ingredients
  • Long-lasting and cost-effective
  • Formulated to to intensely nourish your client's skin
  • Available in 7 different varieties
  • Low cost per treatment
  • Handmade in Ireland by Flying Wild
  • Reduce strain on your hands and arms
Flying Wild Reflexology Creams were created together with internationally renowned teacher and therapist Hagar Basis, of the Reflexology Academy London.
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