Naturhelix Organic Ear Candles 10-Pack (5 Pairs) - Flying Wild
Naturhelix Organic Ear Candles 10-Pack (5 Pairs) - Flying Wild
Naturhelix Organic Ear Candles 10-Pack (5 Pairs) - Flying Wild

Naturhelix Organic Ear Candles 10-Pack (5 Pairs)

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Naturhelix Organic Ear Candles are handmade in Hungary from organic beeswax and organic unbleached cotton supplied by controlled manufacturers. The natural colour and honey fragrance of the candles are due to the high quality organic ingredients. The organic candles are hand-made without additives or colorants in a special, separated area. Naturhelix's special manufacturing conditions guarantee a superior quality ear candle for you to work with in your treatments.

Naturhelix Organic Ear Candles are recommended to holistic therapists who wish to work with a cost-effective organic product in their Ear Candling treatments. Naturhelix organic ear candles are handcrafted without synthetic additives. They are free of colourants and made of certificated organic cotton and beeswax. The special manufacture conditions guarantee superior quality. These candles are ideally suitable for therapy purposes around the ear and especially by ailments of ear, auditory canal, sinusitis and nasal cavity.

The effectiveness of ear candling with Naturhelix Ear Candles is essentially based on the therapy method itself and the high quality ingredients, design, and manufacture of the Ear Candles.

Naturhelix Ear Candles work with physical, bioenergetic and chemical modes of operation. The ear candles produce warmth during their burning. Due to their conic shape they produce a little thermal column of air which has a stimulative beneficial effect on the eardrum and auditory canal of the patient. Thereby the caused vibrations benefit the blood circulation in the external pipe and in the middle ear. They also stimulate acupuncture points in and around the patient's ear and external pipe.

  • Fragrance:  natural beeswax, without added essential oils
  • Diameter: 10 mm / 15 mm (at the bottom/at the top)
  • Length: approx. 24 cm
  • Burn time: approx. 11 min.
  • Handmade
  • Made of 100% ecologically controlled natural  ingredients
  • Without additives and free of colourants
  • Made from certified organic cotton and organic beeswax
  • Including  organic gauze filter and protective disc

Important information about the utilisation of ear candles:

In the following exceptional cases ear candles should not be used:

  • If the treated person, or child can’t lie still. (e.g.:strong coughing, or sneezing temptation)
  • If the treated person, or child is afraid of ear candling.
  • On children under 3 years.
  • Allergy or hypersensitivity to any of the ear candle’s ingredients
  • In case of acute ear inflammation, or otorrhoea

 If there is a grommet, drain, cochlear implants, artificial, or injured eardrum, please put the candle behind the earlobe during the treatment.                                                          

We would like to call your attention to the following. Ear candling must be performed at your own risk and responsibility. Ear candling is a complementary therapy and it might not be a substitute for professional medical advice. All information about the application and effects of the ear candle are based on experiences of therapists and users. We cannot report results or documents based on official medical research. Please consider that our information leaflet cannot be regarded as a medical advice. If in a doubt about your health please consult your doctor, therapist or pharmacist. 

  • To avoid fire please keep the general fire protection rules.
  • Do not use ear candles alone on yourself!
  • The marker line indicates the safe burning level of the candle.
  • Never burn down the ear candle to the bottom.
  • Ensure that the treatment is done in a draught free room.