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Palo Santo Backflow Cones by Satya

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Palo Santo comes from South America and has a wonderfully sweet woody scent. Palo Santo is also called "holy wood", because this type of wood is traditionally loved by a lot of different kinds of rituals. For lovers of woody scents, the palo santo fragrance is often a favorite. The scent is perfect for meditation and for dispelling negative thoughts.

Backflow incense cones can be burned on special backflow burners.

What are backflow cones and how do they work?

Backflow incense cones do not differ that much from ordinary cones. The main difference is that in backflow cones there is a tunnel in the middle. The air in this opening stays cooler once you have lit the cone. Cool air drops, causing the smoke to flow down from the cone instead of up. This is how you create the special effect of the incense waterfall.

Backflow cones smoke a bit more to enhance the effect of a waterfall. 

To Use

Palo santo is a wonderful scent for after a busy day, or before during meditation. It is also a pleasant, soothing scent during creative activities. Light up a backflow cone as you are used to. Place a cone at the top of the backflow burner and light it. Blow out the flame and experience how the smoke flows down beautifully.

Each pack has approximately 24 cones

Made In India
Each pack contains:  24 backflow cones
Packaging is recyclable
Approx burn time: 30 minutes