Pure Beeswax Candles

Flying Wild candles are handcrafted from 100% pure beeswax. Each candle is carefully made by hand using traditional methods. The candles are wicked using only pure cotton - we do not use self-trimming lead or zinc cores.

Beeswax candles burn with a warm amber glow and fill your room with gentle honey aroma. Beeswax candles that are 100% natural have long been known for their air purifying effects and can greatly reduce dust and other allergens in your home. Burning 100% pure Beeswax Candles can help improve indoor air quality by producing negative ions.

By choosing to burn beeswax candles you choose to support bees and their keepers. Beeswax is made by bees from the nectar and pollen they gather as they forage the trees and flowers around their hives.

Light from Bee to You

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