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Thinking about the difference between Flying Wild Reflexology Balms & Creams

The difference between the Reflexology Balms and Creams that I make is something I am regularly asked about.

Reflexology Creams are formulated to enhance sensitivity and facilitate precise, delicate movements during a treatment. Reflexology Balms are designed to support smoother, more flowing techniques with adjustable slip, while ensuring ideal grip under pressure. Unlike the creams, the balms permit working over larger areas with seamless motions, the slip helps to avoid undue stress, particularly safeguarding your thumbs. The creams, providing a minimal slip, excel in allowing targeted, highly controllable actions and gentle pressure, thus ensuring precision of movement, without needing to resort to back-pressure on your fingers and hands.

Both products deliver exceptional grip in their unique ways, tailoring to the optimal grip level required by different methods. They share other qualities too. Every Balm and Cream is handmade personally by me, working with certified organic ingredients. Both are formulated to minimise therapist hand and arm strain, they offer you a long-lasting highly cost-efficient medium, as well as being deeply nurturing and moisturising for your, and your client's skin.

Using the products very sparingly during a treatment is recommended for the best results. It is always easier to add a little more when needed.

Please take a little time to explore the entire range of balms and creams that I make, and discover the perfect medium for your Reflexology Treatments.

Thank you for choosing Flying Wild.


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