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Palo Santo Essential Oil - A Flying Wild Spotlight

Palo Santo Essential Oil is an oil we really love here at Flying Wild. This rare and precious oil is not well known, so I thought I would write an Essential Oil Spotlight for you.

Palo Santo, also known as "holy wood," holds a profound place in South and middle American culture, tradition, and ceremony. Scientifically known as Bursera graveolens, Palo Santo is a tree native to the Pacific coastal regions of South America, primarily found in countries like Ecuador, Peru, and parts of Central America. This aromatic tree has been revered for centuries. When burned, its fragrant smoke is believed to cleanse spaces, elevate consciousness, and protect against negative energies. Indigenous communities have used it for traditional medicine, attributing healing properties to its resin. In shamanic and spiritual practices, Palo Santo plays a pivotal role, symbolizing purity and connection to the divine. Palo Santo belongs to the same family as frankincense and myrrh, known for their aromatic and sacred properties, and shares similar emotional stabilizing and profoundly grounding benefits. Palo Santo Essential Oil is a true aromatic treasure. The scent is unique and complex, being woodsy but sweet, slightly fruity, and also a little bit citrusy with notes of balsamic.


Palo Santo Wood Essential Oil is produced from dead trees that have fallen to the ground for at least two years are the only ones you can harvest to produce the oil. When the dead wood matures, the resin goes to the core and develops a powerful and unique chemistry. The heartwood is boiled and then distilled in order to produce the oil. The steam distillation process separates the essence of the Palo Santo resin, leaving only the essential oil. It takes approximately 10kg of sacred heartwood to produce 500ml of Essential Oil.


Our organic Palo Santo Essential Oil is produced in Ecuador. In Ecuador, it is illegal to cut down or remove the trees because they are protected. The Ecuadorian government has a large and active program of Palo Santo reforestation To gather the dead trees or fallen limbs, may only be done under license from the government. This ensures that Ecuadorian Palo Santo Essential Oil is sustainably produced.

Benefits & Uses

Palo Santo Essential Oil as Immune Enhancer and Detoxifier. The oil supports the immune system, also in removing inflammatory responses to pollution, unhealthy diet, illness and stress. Use several drops in hot water as a detoxifying agent and drink like herbal tea. It calms the nerves and you recover quickly from emotional pain, chronic fatigue and illness.

Palo Santo Essential Oil as Relaxant and de-stressor. Frankincense and Palo Santo Essential Oils are both used for spiritual and emotional support because they function as organic anxiety treatments. Once inhaled, it travels directly thru the nose to the brain and relaxes the body and reduces anxiety, panic and insomnia. Apply drops of the oil mixed with carrier oil to the head, chest, neck or back to relax, unwind and sleep easily. Combine it with bergamot oil, frankincense and lavender oil.

Palo Santo Essential Oil as Headache Treatment. The oil combats migraines, stress related moods or headaches, increases blood flow and lowers inflammation to remove perceived pain. Mix drops of oil in water. Vaporize in a diffuser or oil burner when the headaches attack. Rub some Palo Santo Essential Oil mixed with coconut oil on your neck and temples.

Palo Santo Essential Oil as Flu or Cold Treatment. The oil is popular in fighting viruses and infections that lead to flu or colds. It improves circulation and recharges energy levels making you better fast and stops feelings of nausea, congestion and dizziness. Apply drops of the oil on your chest around the heart and add to your bath water to beat flu or colds.

Palo santo brings security and serenity, as well as sense of being connected to the earth. It's perfect for meditation, or for soothing the spirit through stressful days.

I hope you will love and enjoy this sacred oil.


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