Happy Earth Day To You - One Order, One Tree - Flying Wild

Happy Earth Day To You - One Order, One Tree

Flying Wild is a small business that is committed to making a positive impact on our world - which is why we have been planting a tree with every order you have placed since 2019.

Since introducing our One, Order, One Tree program, Flying Wild has contributed 12,249 Euro to One Tree Planted - every Euro we contribute pays for the planting of 1 Tree. Every tree planted makes a difference in making our world a better place today, and for all our futures.

We take great pride in our contributions to One Tree Planted and to support their amazing work towards restoring ecosystems, preserving biodiversity, sequestering carbon, conserving water, and empowering communities. In 2023 One Tree Planted proudly planted 51.9 million trees, spanning 160,038 hectares (395,462 acres) across 394 projects in 72 countries.

As small businesses we can make a difference - together.

Thank you for choosing Flying Wild and supporting One Order, One Tree.

Happy Earth Day!

Arno, Sarah, and Susan

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