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Five Reasons Why Reflexologists Love Working With Flying Wild

For almost ten years I have been working with the Reflexology Community to create the best possible balms and creams for your treatments. In that time the Reflexology Balms & Creams that I make by hand have been given over 1000 5-Star reviews!

Over the years I have learned a lot about why therapists love working with the products that I make by hand every day.

Here are five reasons that really stand out.

1. Clients love the products. "I only use Flying Wild products in my Reflexology treatments. Why ? Because they are so lovely to work with and my clients love them. Keep up the good work Arno and team." Mary, Ireland.

2. High quality and cost effective. "When I was training to be a Reflexologist a few years ago, this was the cream the trainer used. To be honest I don't think I would use anything else.
Great quality, smells great and each tub goes a long way. Well worth the money."
 Sylvia, UK

3. The perfect balance of slip and grip. "The balm provides just the right slip without leaving a residue on the skin. I found it exceptionally easy to use enabling me to glide effortlessly around the area being treated. A wonderful efficient service provided throughout, a truly marvellous company to liaise and work with." Anna, Northern Ireland

4. Supports therapists to provide amazing treatments. "The reflexology balm is amazing! Using the balm on my clients has improved my treatments and clients have benefited. The aromatherapy and texture of the balm is a perfect combination, also great to have the unscented option available for those who are sensitive to scents." Rebecca, Canada

5. Works for the Client and the Therapist. "This is an amazing balm to use when balancing hormones. Some of my clients say they can feel the balm doing its work They love the scent and leave my treatment room uplifted and content. I love working with it. It feels great on my hands, is soothing, calming and nourishes my skin." Uta, London.

Thank you so much for choosing to work with Flying Wild and for your wonderfully kind words.


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