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3 Reasons Why Therapists Love Flying Wild Arnica & Calendula Deep Tissue Massage Balm

Since the introduction of Our Arnica & Calendula balm over 6 years ago this balm has become one of our most popular products. Arnica & Calendula Balm has been formulated, developed, and tested with practicing therapists to give you the perfect medium for your treatments.

This balm has received a lot of 5 star reviews over the years. Here are 3 reasons why this highly effective balm is so popular.

1. Reduces inflammation and eases sprains, joint, and muscle pain

"A beautiful smooth balm to soothe away muscle stiffness and pain. My elderly clients just love it especially!" Peta, Greenoak Clinic, Dingwall, Scotland

2. Perfect balance of grip and slip for deep tissue massage

"I love the Arnica Calendula massage balm as it provides great grip and less slip when treating clients who are looking for deep tissue Massage. The treatments are controlled and I get good manipulation of the deep tissue and fascia. I treat a lot of sports people who are coming with various issues including bruises, sprains, strains , muscle aches, and joint pain, so this balm is excellent for any inflammation, bruising and muscle tenderness." Debbie of Carroll Sports Injury & Reflexology Clinic in Hospital, Ireland

3. Therapists love the balm for clients and for self-care

"Loving this Arnica massage balm - I used it just yesterday on a client & she messaged to say she had found relief of nerve pain running down her arms & hands . I also used it on myself for muscle pain on my neck & it's really made a difference . It glides on very well & smells beautiful also. Thank you again for a great product & service." Linda, Reflexology For Better Health, Tacoma, USA

The unique formulation of this balm allows you to slightly grip muscles and surrounding tissue during deep tissue, and myofascial massage. The balm is used for work on specific body areas and is not intended as an all-over massage balm.

I hope you will love working with this healing balm in your treatments. Order your's today!

Thank you for choosing Flying Wild.


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