Working together to create the perfect cream for your reflexology treatments

Last year I had the great pleasure of meeting the wonderful Hagar Basis at the Reflexology Northern Ireland Conference, where we had both been invited to speak. While joking about speaker nerves, Hagar and I got to talking about mediums for use in reflexology treatments. During our chats Hagar asked me if I could develop a reflexology cream. I agreed to get to work.
Since then I have been formulating, testing, trying, rejecting (lots of that) to create a cream that would suit Hagar's Reflexology Technique. Flying Wild products are always made using the best certified organic ingredients, this proved to be a real challenge to me in conceptualising this formulation. Most creams are made with simple distilled water, something that really did not sit well with my thinking about organic therapy mediums and skincare. Moisturising and nourishing the skin should be about more than the equivalent of rubbing water on the skin. Every trial cream I made I rejected - water as an ingredient was simply not working for me. Then I substituted water with an organic chamomile hydrolat (floral water), and it worked!
The first three samples made with a rose hydrolat have just been sent to Hagar, for her to trial and test. With her knowledge and feedback the formulation will be adjusted and fine-tuned. This process will be repeated over and over, until this cream has become the perfect reflexology cream, ready for you to work with in your treatments. In addition to organic rose hydrolat the cream is made with beeswax and organic oils, including Pomegranate Seed Oil, Argan Kernel Oil and Jojoba Oil. These give the cream a beautifully luxurious skinfeel.
It is a genuine privilege for me to able to work on developing this new cream with Hagar. As an internationally recognised educator in the global reflexology community, Hagar teaches and speaks around the world. She is the director of the Reflexology Academy in London, UK, where she teaches the Level 5 Reflexology Diploma Courses, as well as Reflexology CPD workshops.
The journey of developing this new cream has started, and step by step we will create an organic natural reflexology cream. A cream that will be perfect for you to work with in your reflexology treatments.
I hope you will love it!