Why are Flying Wild Reflexology Creams are made with premium Organic Cold-Pressed Jojoba Oil?

Golden Jojoba oil is fantastic non-greasy oil with a medium rate of absorbence, this oil is key to the perfect rate of absorbence offered by the reflexology creams. Jojoba is an absolutely excellent oil for the skin, emollient, regenerative, and restructuring - it provides a light film that maintains and attracts moisture, yet allows the skin to breathe. Research has established that Jojoba Oil absorbs so well it can reach the corneal layer via the follicle wall.

The Oil That Saves Whales Jojoba was originally introduced in the 1970's as a replacement to Sperm Whale oil. Sperm hales were hunted to near exctinction for their spermaceti wax, which was used as a premium lamp oil, in candlemaking, and for a wide variety of industrial uses. Jojoba was succesfully developed as a crop to replace sperm whale products with an environmentally sound land-based substitute - and it worked, saving the lives of countless whales.

Flying Wild handmade Reflexology Cream gives you the perfect balance of grip, control, and slip - and intense nourishment and care for your client's skin.

I hope you, and your clients, will love the creams.