The difference between Tea Tree & Mint and Tea Tree & Patchouli Reflexology Balms

A question I am regularly asked by Reflexology Therapists is how the Tea Tree & Mint and Tea Tree & Patchouli Balms are different from each other? Both balms are made with Tea Tree essential oil after oil.

Both balms are handmade by Flying Wild using certified organic ingredients, and are intended for use with clients for whom a cleansing balm is called for. Tea Tree is a wonderfully cleansing oil and is active against bacterial, fungal, and viral bodies. The benefits of Tea Tree are very effectively complimented by both Mint and Patchouli essential oils.

Mint and Patchouli are essential oils that share a number of properties. They are both effective in relieving irritation and itchiness, and will help to reduce inflammation of the skin. Both oils also stimulate circulation and are particularly effective against dermatitis - as well as having a strong deodorising effect.

Where they are different is that mint is known for its strongly cooling action whereas patchouli does not have this property. This makes the mint balm effective and appropriate for use with clients who suffer with hot and burning feet. Whereas the more neutral patchouli essential oil makes the Tea Tree and Patchouli balm suitable for use with clients who suffer with cold feet where a cooling mint balm is not appropriate. Patchouli has the added benefit of stimulating the regeneration of skin cells and speeding up healing.

The bright fresh aroma of mint, and the warm sweet aroma of patchouli, work beautifully with the light spicy slightly pungent smell of Tea Tree.

I hope that you, and your clients, will enjoy both these balms.

From Bee to You,