Kotanical Organic Essential Oils now available from Flying Wild


I am very excited to be able to bring you the beautiful range Kotanical organic essential oils. The quality of these precious oils is truly exceptional and reflects the passion of founder Karl Murray, a Dublin native. Kotanical is the first company in Ireland to distill oil from natural native sources. Karl spent over six years researching essential oil distillation techniques and experimenting with wild crafted ingredients, Karl's vision has became a reality through growing herbs independently, utilizing local sourcing methods and developing relationships with farmers and growers. Karl distills a number of oils himself, but as some essential oils cannot be made in Ireland, he sources these oils directly from other small independent European distillers. Every oil is 3rd party tested and has been audited by the leaping bunny program to ensure the oils are never tested on animals.

Why Kotanical?

A little while ago Karl and I met in Dublin for a what I thought would be a one hour meeting, four hours later we were still talking about oils, distillation, quality, ingredients, and how much we both love having a hands-on approach in making our products. It was fascinating to learn about Karl's distillation work and his passion and deep knowledge of essential oils, their properties and how they are produced. One thing that really stood out for me was Karl's use of a copper distillation kettle to make his essential oils. He explained that the reason for this is that the stainless steel used by large producers reacts with the oils and negatively affects the quality of the oil - copper does not react in this way leading to a much higher quality oil. Once I opened a bottle of frankincense oil distilled by Karl, I was hooked - the quality was simply supreme. Kotanical is a small business driven by the passion, values and ethos of it's founder - a business exactly like Flying Wild.

I hope you will love these oils as much as I do.