How do you use your Flying Wild reflexology balm?

One of the best, most fun, and rewarding things about making Flying Wild organic reflexology balms, is to hear back from holistic therapists about all the uses which they have found for the balms - most of them not related to reflexology in any way:-)

Here are some of my favourites - from the many you have sent me:

- Balm to ease and soothe the symptoms of dermatis, psoriasis, and eczema
- Hand balm for very dry hands from constant washing between clients
- Foot balm to soften and heal very dry and cracked feet
- Rose reflexology balm for facial skincare
- Massage balm for deep tissue massage
- Body balm for areas of dry skin  
- Lavender sleepy balm

It seems what I really made was an organic all-in-one everything balm - that also happens to be very good for reflexology!

It really leaves me with one question - how do you use your Flying Wild organic reflexology balm?

From Bee to You,