Flying Wild Flies Again

After what can only be described as a very challenging time, it is with great pleasure that I can say that everything is coming back into balance again for Flying Wild, and for myself. This weekend I am looking forward to making lots of balms, and on monday orders will be on their way.

The kindness, encouragement, giving, love, and support from you has been truly amazing, and I am so grateful to each and every one of you. Many of you wrote to me about a phoenix rising from the fire, an image that I loved, and really gave me hope, courage and inspiration to work through this, and keep smiling - with a few tears along the way.

The damage from the fire was severe, and I lost everything needed to make my products. Thankfully my suppliers have been absolutely amazing, and really pulled out all the stops to help me get started again. All week deliveries of new ingredients, equipment and packaging materials have been coming in.

Now everything is in place to start again, and make Flying Wild into an even better business, to help you provide your wonderful treatments to your clients.

There will be a lot of exciting news coming very soon!

Thank you so much!

From Bee to You,