Argan Oil - Learn About This Absolutely Amazing Organic Oil From Morocco

Argan Kernel oil is one of my absolute favourite oils to work with. The properties of this cold-pressed oil are really amazing, and I use it to make a number of products for your wonderful treatments. Argan Oil is a key ingredient in the range of Reflexology Creams, Facial Reflexology Oils, and the Hand Rescue Balms, that I make.

Liquid Gold

In Morocco, where the Argan tree originates, Argan Oil is called "Liquid Gold", because of it's fabulous skincare and nutritional properties. The oil has been used for health and nutrition for millennia. The Oil is pressed from the fruit kernel of the Argan Spinosa tree. Argan Oil enjoys very high levels of Vitamin E, Polyphenols, and Carotenes, the anti-oxidant compounds that protect the skin against free radical damage. Considered Anti-Aging, Anti-Inflammatory, and highly moisturising, Argan is easily absorbed by the skin, without leaving any greasy residue. In addition to this, Argan Oil is considered one of the best oils to care for, nourish and strengthen, hair and nails.

Do It For the Ladies

The Organic Argan Oil I use to make my products is made by a large number of women's cooperatives in Morocco, who sustainably harvest the fruit and make the oil. This oil supports local women's incomes, independence, families, communities, and livelihoods. Planting new native Argan trees helps fight desertification as the trees are adapted to grow, and thrive, in the harsh dry desert conditions of the Sahara.

Why Choose Organic Cold-Pressed Argan?

Organic Cold-Pressed Argan Oil is pressed straight from the Kernel. The oil is not refined or processed in any way - outside of filtering for impurities (kernel bits). Refined non-organic Argan Oils are treated with chemicals, high temperatures, and bleach - all of which destroy the beneficial nutrients and compounds contained in the oil - and leave nasty residues. Put simply - when an oil has been bleached it will contain bleach residue, which people then unknowingly put on their skin.

Thank you for choosing to work with Flying Wild handmade organic products in your treatments.

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