Apricot Kernel Oil for Massage

Organic unrefined Apricot Kernel oil (prunus armeniaca) is a beautiful medium for massage giving a soft light touch to your treatments. The oil is derived from the kernel (seed/pit) of the apricot, the fruit of the apricot tree. With its excellent emollient, nourishing, and revitalizing properties the oil is highly beneficial for mature, sensitive and dry skin. The oil soothes irritation and due to its very high linoleic acid content actively supports the protective barrier function of the skin. The oil is notable for being particularly beneficial in soothing the irritation from conditions such as acne and eczema. A naturally high Vitamin E content provides free radical protection from oxidation of cell membranes.

The oil is rich in plant sterols and is recognised for being topically effective in reducing inflammation and pain in conditions such as arthritis, quickly soothing the pain and reducing swelling and redness. The oil is also used to reduce pain and swelling after intensive exercise.

In massage treatments this light oil provides a medium viscocity and excellent skin penetration, without leaving a greasy residue.

Apricot Kernels have an unusual property in that they possess the highest concentration of B-17 vitamins in the plant world. Research is showing promising results for the cancer preventative properties of these compounds. These treatments have not been proven scientifically, although many claim its benefits.

The Apricot Kernel oil used to make Flying Wild massage balms is cold-pressed from apricot grown in EU Certified Organic orchards inFrance, Spain, Italy and Greece, using agricultural practices that are beneficial to the bees that pollinate the apricot blossoms.

Organic Cold-Pressed Apricot Kernel Oil is a key ingredient in Flying Wild Massage balms giving you a smooth silken texture for your massage treatments. The balm has been formulated to give a perfect balance of glide and grip - enabling a smooth flowing massage and giving the grip and control needed for more localised work.